Baby's1st Birthday smash cake


Base Ingredients:

Cashew, oat flour, coconut milk (coconut water), coconut oil, medjool dates, maple syrup, lemon juice, vanilla bean powder) cinnamon, himalayan salt.


To custom create, choose from:



1. Waffles & Syrup / Blue (Blue Spirulina)

2. Vanilla Caramel / Pink (Pink Dragonfruit)

3. Orange Creamsicle / Cream Color (Orange Extract)

4. Superman / Green + Red Swirl (Alkalizing blend (kale, spinach, matcha, alfalfa, spirulina, beetroot)

5. Sweet Vanilla Cream / Cream Color


Custom Smash cakes can be ordered at a separate price. Please contact to move forward.


*Made with 100% organic ingredients.

  • Size

    6 inch Diameter, 3 Inch Height