6 Week Diet & Lifestyle Transition Guide

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Dive into this guide that was so thoughtfully put together with your optimal health in mind. After healing myself from 20 years of Chronic Illness and AutoImmune disease, I put together the greatest tips, advice, and guidance into one space to make this journey easier for you. This guide is meant for any and everyone. That includes those just looking to incorporate healthier recipes at home, those who want to shed some weight in a sustainable way, and those who are truly going through a tough time with their health.

Over the past six years, I realized that nutrition was just the gateway to finding true health. It took breaking bad habits such as smoking and eating fast food for me to make my way into the plant-based world. It was a nine-month journey of transitioning to a fully Vegan diet (aside from Raw honey), and every day/week/month/year has brought new healing into her life. Nutrition is what cleansed 20 years worth of unwanted toxins such as heavy metals, pathogens, viruses, and environmental toxins out of my body. Nutrition opened the door for me, a door that created awareness around the importance of mental health and the mind/body connection.

This guide not only offers the greatest insight into healing, but it also offers 20 Whole Food Plant-Based recipes that the whole family will love, guidance on meal prepping, your favorite foods and their healthy substitute, educational resources, and a six week day by day journal to hold yourself accountable during this journey. This guide is an accumulation of six years of holistic healing education that I feel will guide you into the right direction and help you get your feet off the ground.

I was gifted an early lifetime of disease so that I could learn how to heal, and  pass this information on.

Chronic Migraines
Chronic IBS/Constipation
Cystic Acne
Eczema/Skin Problems
Blood Clots
Gastrointestinal Chronic Inflammation
.....just to name a few that I overcame through the power of holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Remember, you can't change overnight what took a lifetime to build. Allow yourself patience, time, and most importantly, remember to love yourself along the way.

Once purchased you will be added into a private Facebok group where you are able to connect with myself and others who are working through this guide. Community is everything to me and I want to provide that for you.

In peace, love, and health.

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