Why Do You Choose to Eat That?

Do you ever come home from a long day of work and walk, I mean run, straight to the kitchen and pull the bag of chips out of the cupboard? Have you ever sat with a box of cookies or pint of ice-cream and turned on the television? How about ruining a great day of eating with pizza and breadsticks at the end of the day because you were too tired to cook?

We have all been there. But, WHY? Why do we constantly make poor choices for ourselves when we know the regret will be standing over our shoulders almost instantaneously?

Here are a few things I have heard over the years:

* All. In. Moderation.

* I'm stressed and just don't care

* I've had the worst day and all I want is to binge eat right now

* I've been really good, so I am going to let loose

* I will always be this way, so why try.

* I'm going out tonight and it is too much pressure with everyone judging me.

Listen, not only have I heard these excuses, but I have personally lived through each and every one of them. It took me 20+ years to get a hold of my eating, and that was just the beginning. Emotional eating is a real thing, and it creeps in when we expect it and when we least expect it. But, where does emotional eating come from? When did it begin?

This is where you have to do some work. Much more than physical work with nutrition and exercise, this is where you have to sit down and do some mental work. Ask yourself the hard questions. The REALLY hard questions.

For me, it was going way beyond "why can't I stop?" Because, I did stop. I had the WILL to change my diet. To cut the bad foods, and bring in the good. But, I had to go much deeper than this. Why was I eating so pure but still binging with chips, Vodka, wine, a box of crackers (my personal weakness binge foods)

I finally got to an answer of: This is my PASS. I have reversed all of these illnesses through changing so much, which gives me the pass to put toxic items in at large amounts when I feel like it.

Ok...ok...so here I was getting to an answer. But, WHY was I doing this. Why was I allowing myself to create such an excuse to do things that would ultimately make me feel bad.

After digging DEEP, I realized that I was reacting in a childlike state of mind due to my subconscious feelings. When I was a little girl, around the age of 5, I started eating my emotions to fill a void from my father leaving. Yes, I already knew this, but how it related to me now was that every time I chose to numb my feelings with too much wine or eat the foods that didn't agree with my body, I was running from something in my present life.

Talk about binge eating, you could find me hiding in my closet as a young girl eating food because that was how I managed my stress. Food = Stress, Stress = Food. These patterns never left me until I CHOSE to face them as an adult.

I won't go into those deep details with you, but I realized how deep emotional eating goes through my experiences. I have never felt that all things in moderation are ok when the ingredients or the substances are harmful to the body. We have one vessel and it is our job to keep it clean while we are around. There is no need to consume overly processed, sugar ridden, acidic toxic foods when there is every healthy (and tasty!) substitute at our fingertips these days.

So, what is my solution when I want to eat too many chips, go for pizza, or have some wine?

I just always do my best to ensure the ingredients are the best quality. It took time to research and understand all of this, but the resources are there. I choose chips without highly processed vegetable oils, I choose cookies that I make at home with minimal ingredients or I find a brand in the store I can trust, like Simple Mills. And, while drinking alcohol isn't an issue for some, I chose to back off of it for some time and opt for a few sips of Kombucha or Carbonated water here and there when I really want that flavor.

I also choose to tune out the judgmental voices around me. It's MY body. Remember, it is ok to choose health even when those around you don't like it.

We enjoy Mexican night most Fridays by choosing to make everything ourselves at home with better quality products. So, we are still enjoying chips and salsa, guacamole, queso dip, and double decker tacos, but we are creating everything from whole plant-based foods free from gluten, soy, refined sugar, and nasty preservatives. Yes...it still tastes INCREDIBLE.

And, what do I do after a super long day when I don't feel like cooking? Honestly, I typically still cook. But, I have found my methods for quick meals that I know will be much more nourishing than picking up a pizza or stuffing my face with chips. It is always good to have fresh fruit on hand. Fruit is the most satiating food that you can enjoy while hungry, but don't want to fill up because a meal is coming your way. Fruit is also great to enjoy about 30 minutes before your dinner (while cooking) because it acts as a natural digestive aid. Just keep it simple. Have a banana, an orange, or some papaya. Whatever you enjoy, but don't over do it.

Mindful eating comes from a place of taking our time with food. So, even when you are hungry and have five kids to feed and a dog to take out. Just stop and take one bit of your fruit , breath in and out, and be present in that moment for yourself.

You have to find your way. What works in your schedule, with your family? But, it all starts with being aware and directing the hard questions. Sitting with yourself in truth is the best thing you can do. for your health.

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In Peace, Love, and Health,