What I eat in a Day/WEEK

But....what do you eat if you don't eat meat?!?!?!?!?!

Possibly the #1 question I get asked aside from , "where do you get your protein?".

If I were to be deficient in protein, iron, calcium, omegas, or b12...it would have happened by now. August 2020 will mark 7 years living a Vegan lifestyle and I am only evolving in my physical and mental health. Sure, I have most definitely had my ups and downs during these years. But, if we throw the towel in as soon as something doesn't follow suit, then we will never know how great the outcome can be.

This blog post is to share how I typically eat. I do not follow anyone's plan, trend or label. Almost seven years in means that I very much intuitively eat. Meaning, I eat what my body asks for. It took some time to find this understanding, which required self grace and patience. What I will be sharing is a menu of how I was eating when I was living a Raw Vegan lifestyle. I very naturally consume a mostly raw vegan diet now, but do consume cooked foods such as root veggies, and legumes. I am not perfect. You should not expect to be perfect. Whatever that means anyway. But, I do believe it is our innate responsibility to control the controllable. This means, CONSCIOUS EATING. If you have a say of what you can put in or on your body, you should own that say. Because, this is how we protect our immune system. This is how we protect our mental health, emotional health, and physical health. We cannot have any of these things if we are consuming highly processed and acidic "foods". Living Whole Foods cleanse the body from unwanted toxins and support the immune systems to protect us from whatever may come our way. Especially this Virus stuff. Control the controllable.

If you are Plant curious or are already Vegan but wanting to get away from the junk food, these are some simple recipes to start with. Create a shopping list with the ingredients from the recipes you want to try, and just start there. If this feels too overwhelming, just start with fruit! Choose your favorite fruit and eat it in abundance for one week, then add a second fruit the next week. Fruit is the holy grail! Fruit nourishes through fiber, glucose, and carbohydrates (the ones we NEED!), and cleanses pathogens/bacteria/viruses and heavy metals from the organs. Fruit will create a fresh palate for you to start enjoying some of the healthy foods you may not want to consumer just yet. And, as always..have fun! Enjoy the learning process. Don't force yourself to eat foods you don't want or don't like. DO make conscious choices when consuming food. DO educate yourself on the QUALITY of your food and WHERE it comes from. We are in 2020. Which means, that every resource to learn from is at your fingertips. And, please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions and I will do my best to guide you in the right direction.

In Peace, Love, and Health,