My Favorite Hormone Balancing Herbs for Your Medicine Cabinet


What do they mean to you?

Do you think of culinary herbs like oregano and basil?

Do you think of tea?

Do you think of medicine?

Do you think of anything at all?

I can tell you that when I hear the word Herbs, I think of connecting with Mother Nature to nourish and heal my mind, body, and soul. I think of pure and REAL medicine.

Coming from a place of living on prescription drugs for years, I will admit that I had no idea what medicinal herbs were. I didn't know they existed. I didn't even know the term 'holistic health'.

But, very early on in my healing journey, more like the very beginning of my healing journey, I discovered herbs.

Seven years later, I now have my own little apothecary and have not taken a Western Medicine prescription drug the entire time. In the beginning of my exploration in the herbal world, it took some time for my body to adjust to this new medicine. The first time I overcame a cold with herbal medicine it took almost four weeks. The few years following, it took a few days, and now I don't even remember the last time I had a cold. I believe it was early 2017/2018. As we allow our bodies to adjust instead of jumping for the first over the counter or prescription option out there, we are giving our body the opportunity to heal in a new way. This way creates a sustainable healing effort. One that fights that bug so hard, it doesn't want to come back. Where as a western medicine drug only suppresses the symptom and issue at hand, weakening our immune system and making us more susceptible to illness down the road. I believe there is a place for Western Medicine and that is in the world of Emergency, not maintenance.

Remember: it is ok to take your time with this learning process. I couldn't afford all of these herbs at once. So, I started by purchasing a few organic teas from the grocery store and drinking them daily to start introducing herbs into my body. As I would learn of a new herb that I felt was beneficial for my body or the body in general, I would purchase it. One at a time.

My journey with herbal medicine has been one of self experience and self education. I believe my body is my greatest teacher and doctor. The more I become one with myself, the more I understand what my body needs. The more I hear what my body is communicating, the more I trust myself with patience and care. It all takes time.

During my Cycle there are four herbs that I consume. This blend has helped me over the years while healing from Endometriosis. This herbal blend of tea supports me during that time of the month by creating hormone balance in my body that feels right for me. I have overcome years of excruciating pain and have been able to transition from taking (way too many) narcotics to simply drinking tea a few times a month.

When working with herbs, it takes time to understand what YOUR body needs. I have gone through trials of understanding what kind of maintenance was needed at the time, and to understanding when I want to consume something here and there as I feel needed. This is your journey of exploration. There are so many great sources out there to learn from and one of my favorites is Anthony Williams, Medical Medium. His book Life Changing Foods is incredibly helpful in understanding how to consume plant foods and herbs for cleansing and nourishing the body through chronic illness and autoimmune disease.

RECIPE FOR HORMONE BALANCE BLEND (herbs sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs)

(information sourced from Medical Medium)

In a glass container mix equal parts:

Red Clover:

*Supports Adrenals

*Most powerful herb in supporting the lymphatic system

*Energizing effect (powerful replenishing nutrition)

*Heavy metal detox

*Epstein-Barr fighter

Lemon Balm

*Supports Adrenals & Thyroid

*High in trace minerals

*B12 conserving herb

*Epstein-Barr fighter

*Nutrients that calm the nerve receptors at the digestive tract so that nerves become less sensitized and inflammation reduces

Cat's Claw

*aids in healing neuro and digestive symptoms

*Epstein-Barr fighter in helping reduce the cause of inflammation (pathogens/virus)

*Natural antibiotic


*adaptogenic herb to support the central nervous system


*brings the body back to homeostasis

*balancing for the lymphatic system, liver, and blood

  • Infuse 1 TBS per 8 oz hot water

Other great hormone balancing herbs to add to the mix:

Licorice Root


Raspberry Leaf

Dong Qui

Black Cohosh

  • This has been and is a very intuitive process for me. I like to use a measuring cup to add equal parts of loose leaf herbs to a glass jar and mix it all up. That way I always have this blend on hand. When working with bark or powdered herbs, I will add in 1 teaspoon for each tablespoon of loose leaf herb in the mix (or 1 TBS for each Cup of loose leaf herb).

This recipe below is the very first herbal concoction I started working with after my surgery for Endometriosis. This changed my life in so many ways. I don't have the resource for it saved anywhere, but I did some research back in early 2014 and discovered this as my first attempt at holistic healing. This is where I started and have transitioned to the above blend of Nettle, Red Clover, Cat's Claw, and Lemon Balm because as my body has cleansed and healed from this disease and this is now what I feel is best. It is all about adjusting, ebbing, and flowing and never allowing yourself to stay in one place. Don't get stuck in a box. Continuously educate yourself.


3 Parts Dandelion root

1 part Oregon grape root

3 parts wild yam root

1 part vitex

2 parts burdock root

1/2 part dong quai root

2 parts pau d’ arco root

Optional for taste: cinnamon, ginger, orange peel

Healing is a never ending process. A beautiful one at that. It is a process of continually peeling back layers to get closer to the Self. When we can connect with our inner self, plant-medicine will support our body along the healing journey of discovery <3

In Peace, Love, and Health,


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