It is Time for a True Desserts Shift

Hello True Desserts Family,

In February 2018 I created this little business called TRUE DESSERTS with dreams of serving nourishing and healing food to the surrounding communities. I moved my family to the city of Detroit November 2018 so that I could do all production out of the Eastern Market Kitchen and create a Detroit based small business because this is where my heart was called to.

My great grandfather owned a hat cleaning business in the city during the 1930’s-1960’s and had to close due to the Riots. The Spirit of Detroit now stands where his brick n mortar once stood. I felt his spirit within me during the search for living my entrepreneurial dream. I wanted to follow in his footsteps.

I wanted to bring something new to the city that offered a whole different outlook on food. What it can be. What it should be. Quality. Real nutrition. Beauty. Taste. I dreamed of opening a little shop for production, to serve the neighborhood, to teach nutrition and recipe classes. And, for a little over two years I worked very hard towards that dream.

I got very close to fulfilling it. During my time here in Detroit, I have served about 12,000 cakes. I have taught a few classes. I have collaborated with incredible small business owners in the wellness industry. I have met amazing people….these people taught me so much. I have made lifelong friends. I found true community. 

This global shift entered my heart by week two of the lockdown.

I knew immediately it was time to let go of that dream and to live out my life the way the Universe has intended for me.

I have come to learn that my time with True Desserts went from selling a few desserts here and there, to creating a stable job for me and my family. And, that is something I am very proud of. While I will continue special events and catering once the lockdown passes, I am no longer opening a brick n mortar. It is hard on my heart but this decision is a beginning in a somewhat ending.

You see, limitations of my passion and work came with choosing to open a brick n mortar and in my heart I knew I could not live fully and abundantly that way. I have so much to give aside from a food business. My business will run out of the city for as long as it is meant to. But, it is time for me to spread these wings and soar. 

I started this business to create awareness around health, wellness, and sustainable nutrition. I started this business so that I could create awareness around animal cruelty. I started this business to create awareness around planet pollution.

But, full circle wellness isn’t just about what we consume. There is so much more.

The healer in me is working hard to bring you what you deserve to live a happy and sustainable life. 

From deep in my heart, I thank each and every one of you for your support these past couple of years. True Desserts is shifting to offer you more, and I look forward to serving you.

In Peace, Love, & Health


One of my very first cakes made in 2016

My most recent wedding cake March 2020