If There Was Ever a Time to Find Health, it's NOW.

Only three days left!!!

JUST THREE DAYS left to register for the 8 Week Full Circle Wellness Program!


This year has been one wild rollercoaster for us all. We have seen some pretty dark days and I believe what we have to hold onto is that light always comes from dark.

If there was ever a time to find health, it's NOW. Not yesterday or "I'll do it next time". We don't have time to waste when it comes to our health. We might feel we have 80 years or so (if we are lucky at this rate) to live, but 80 years flashes by like a shooting star in the night sky.

We have nothing without our health, yet many of us tend to put it on the back burner. I know...life throws a wrench in there often enough to side track us, but that's all the more reason that we should be putting more effort into the sustainability of our health and wellness.

Let's stop relying on others to tell us how to live our lives, and educate to become empowered to learn how to care for ourselves. Otherwise, we will simply continue to live in fear.

Now, lets get into it :)

Many of you know me from my business, True Desserts. This business was created as a result of my personal healing journey. Through experimenting at home with raw vegan recipes, I was inspired to start messing around with dessert making. After a certain amount of time, these cakes just started to taste oh-so-good! Insert the launch of True Desserts downtown Detroit 2018. The past two years living and working in Detroit has brought me so much love and growth. But, I knew within minutes of the start of this Pandemic that I had to continue my self education so I can spend my life educating others. It was time to let go of opening up a brick and mortar for True Desserts. While I have very much enjoyed catering weddings and creating custom orders for my customers, it is time to shift the needle and take my services where they are needed most: Sustainable Health.

Sustainable Health means that we implement conscious and intentional choice making in our lifestyle based around the mind, body, and soul. We must consume high vibrational foods filled with the energy of our living earth to support the body and lift us up. But, not only that, we have a responsibility to pause for a moment and take a good look in the mirror. What are we holding back from? What emotional walls have we built throughout life to not face the pain? How much do we love and appreciate the body that keeps us moving each day? Are we treating it like a dumpster or the divine being that it is?

I believe that sustainable health brings in aspects of not only our physical health, but our mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well. Good food, herbs, and supplements will only take us so far when we are not healthy in the other areas.

The 8 Week Full Circle Wellness Program was created with Sustainable Health at the root of each lesson. This program is here to provide you with simple tools that you can implement in your every day life to help you create a foundation for sustainable health that makes sense for YOU. Because, you are so uniquely you and I am not here to sell you some protocol, meal plan, or supplement. I am here to help you see that investment in the Self is everything. If we cannot find value in our mind, body, and soul, then we will continue to live in that dark space in this world.

I am thrilled to have some incredible special Guest Speakers joining me during these 8 weeks to bring you sustainable health education in:

The Connection Between our Health , Animals, and Nature

Integrating Mind, Body, and Intellect Through Yoga

Human Design

Feminine Masculine Polarity

Intro to Chakra Health

Ayurveda Education

Intro to Heart Meditation

Herbal Care for Skincare

Sustainability in Your Home

Tapping into Your Inner Power & Wisdom

Honoring and Working with your Physical and Energetic System ( Movement & Pranayama)

Discovering Your Dharma

And, of course you can expect 50+ hours of Nutrition education and plant-based recipe making in the kitchen with/from meeeeeeee


Watch this awesome video to learn more!

This program was created with you in mind if you:

Live with chronic illness and/or autoimmune disease

Are interested in learning Whole Food Plant-based living

Living the Standard American Diet & Lifestyle

Living with/or past Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes

Are a wellness coach or nutritionist

Are a past client

Are ready to create impactful change in your life and the life of those around you

"Your personal transformation is key to our collective liberation" - Brialle Ringer, 8 Week Full Circle Wellness Program Guest Speaker

This program is here to offer you understanding. Understanding that we have everything we need within. We are the medicine. We are capable of more than we can comprehend. We just need the tools to start to tap into that place of understanding.

But, remember! Registration closes in three days (JULY 25TH!) and there are only a few spots left in the program! Due to the intimate nature of this program and ensuring each individual has proper consultation throughout, spots are incredibly limited.


If there was ever a time to find true health, it's NOW. Let's start to truly understand the body so we can take care of it and not worry about fearing a pandemic and if our body can withstand one. Now is the time to be PROACTIVE in our health.

Healing doesn't stop once we reverse symptoms and disease. It's just the beginning.

In peace, love, and health,