Personal Chef Options

In-Home Weekly Meal Prep Classes

* We will start with a 1-2 hour consultation discussing all thing past and present with your health.  $125 p/hour one-time consult.


* I will create a plan uniquely for you that is dependent upon where you are with your diet and health now, and for future goals.


* All shopping will be done by me​


* All meals are naturally vegan, gluten-free, soy free

, and refined sugar-free. I work only with 

  Organic, Whole Plant Foods and do not

  supply any food with preservatives,

  artificial ingredients, or GMOs.


*In-Home Healing Food Meal Prep sessions include kitchen clean out, nutrition education, mind/body exercises.


Plan Varies on location and can change depending upon each unique individual

$125 per hour

Private Dining & Small Catering

Special Night out? Stay in instead and enjoy a private dinner with your loved ones. Private Dining and Small Catering provides the opportunity for you to enjoy an intimate setting with your friends and family.


The three-course meal includes appetizer, dinner, and dessert.


*Small Catering is offered for the office and for meal prep on the road/traveling. Extra Fees Applied.

Pricing Varies

What You Should Know

Dietary Requirments and Restrictions can be met as long as we stick to the Plant-Based guidelines.


Meal Prep is designed around a healing protocol based off of an initial consultation.​

Private & Group Classes

Private Classes for any one recipe or a week work of meal prep are available upon request.


Groups of 4 max for a private hands on recipe class.

*Price varies 




50% Deposit of Starting fee required at time of booking. Balance must be paid within 7 days of appointment.


Cancellation within 48 hours ONLY.

If canceled within the 48-hour window, you will lose your deposit.


I will wash all the dishes and clean the kitchen during each visit.






Why Raw Plant Foods?

- Raw foods contain optimal nutrition in cleansing toxins, heavy metals, and pathogens from your organs. Heating most food kills off essential nutrients needed to cleanse and heal. 


Will there be any cooked food?

- Yes. Dependant upon the meal plan designed just for you, there will be a variety of cooked plant foods such as gluten-free ancient grains, potatoes, squash, asparagus, cruciferous veggies, artichokes, garlic, and onion. 


Why Plant-Based?

- A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet is the one and
the only diet to scientifically prove reversal and prevention of disease. Our body absorbs protein, fat, carbs, zinc, magnesium, and iron from plants. If you are not able to get nutrients through eating plants, we must dive deeper to find out what is blocking your body from absorbing these essential nutrients. Animal products tend to sit in the intestinal tract and rot vs digesting properly. When this occurs, inflammation builds in the body which welcomes all types of symptoms and ailments. The disease only exists where there is inflammation. Whole Plant foods have all the necessary fiber to provide the body with proper digestion, glucose to feed the brain, carbohydrates to energize the body, and protein/fat to build muscle. Whole Plant foods will only reduce inflammation. You can either eat the plant or eat the animal that eats the plant. Let's skip that step and go straight to the organic source of nutrition to nourish and heal the body.


- Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Animal Agriculture (Factory Farming) is one of the top causes of global warming. By consuming animal products we are lending a helping hand in destroying the planet and creating a catastrophic change in only 10-20 years. By living a plant-based diet you are saving 1,100 gallons of water, 45 lb of grain, 30 sq. foot of forested land, 20 lb Co2, and one animal's life EVERY SINGLE DAY.

To learn more, follow this link:


- Factory Farming submits innocent lives to pure torture. Even organically fed animals are put into severely stressful, filthy, and unethical environments. Animals are bred to birth and be slaughtered when they can no longer produce life. These animals also live with disease that is not taken care of. They live with fungus, parasites, and toxic chemicals. Every bit of energy and disease is passed into your body as your consume that animal.


Will I get all of my Macros?

- Yes. A Whole Food Plant-Based diet consumed properly will provide all of the necessary Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates. We will be focusing on getting enough micronutrients into your body to prevent and heal. By consuming enough micronutrients, you will naturally receive all the Macronutrients you need.




Patricia Ode is a Holistic Plant-Based Nutritionist that specializes in creating healing recipes for chronic illness and Autoimmune Disease.