6 Days: Full Circle Wellness

Learn ~ Create ~ Implement

MAY 31-JUNE 5, 2020

Join Patricia for a six-day journey to full circle wellness through education and hands-on practice with whole plant foods.


Spots are limited for our stay in a beautiful cottage in Holland, MI surrounded by nature. 


Our experience will include more than just food! Full circle wellness is learning how to create sustainable habits through the practice of the mind/body connection. We will move, breathe, and restore through simple yoga practices and nature experiences. The beach is calling us!


Implementing a sustainable lifestyle with food isn't about following trends and marketing. We will learn how to create food that you and your loved ones will thoroughly enjoy for your Temple to THRIVE, for your tummy to live happily and your tastebuds to be consistently satisfied.


Whether you are interested in transitioning your diet or need to learn healing for your body due to chronic illness, autoimmune disease, cancer, etc., these 6 days will create a safe space to learn, community to relate, education, and experience to take with you. 



Together we will experience:


  • Whole-Food Plant-Based Nutrition Education


  • Work with Healing foods for chronic illness/autoimmune disease


  • Learn through hands-on recipe classes


  • Stretch and move through Restorative Yoga poses


  • Learn breathwork techniques that we can use daily


  • Meal prepping made simple for you and your loved ones


  • Learn how to create beautiful artisanal farmer’s boards and take a handmade board home with you


  • Learn about health care through your home and hygiene products


  • And much more!


If you are lucky enough to learn from 
Patricia, your life will change forever!
Mine did!

I started my journey Debbie - Sterling HeightsApril 23,2019 and there is no looking back, only moving forward. I haven’t felt this good in years. It’s amazing how your diet can change your health and all around wellness !
This is just one change I had among many. I don’t have a colon due to 6 years of ulcerative colitis, it got so bad I had no quality of life, so that’s when I had the surgery. I go in every year for a pouchoscopy to make sure everything is ok. I have always had inflammation since 2006, until this year NONE! This was huge. My Dr said you don’t have to come back for 2 years now, he also asked what are you doing differently? I told him I’m on a plant-based diet and he said keep doing what your doing .
My husband and I were so happy to get such great news. I cried happy tears that day. That just showed what I was doing was a huge step in the right direction. There’s so much more, blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol, A1C , all fantastic, sleep is really good . An extra side effect 47 lbs down.
I will be 60 this year and feel amazing!
I’m not going to lie, sometimes there are challenges, but your health and well-being are so worth it . You keep moving forward and the results are fantastic!
But, none of this would have been possible without Patricia, all of her knowledge, guidance, and support. She is truly a special person who wants to help people reach their goals and heal!
   I Will Forever Be Grateful!

Debbie - Sterling Heights, MI

 I cannot thank Patricia enough for everything she has helped me with. It was at the darkest time of my life. I was so sick that I couldn't get out of bed for months, had to leave my job, and was so depressed because of what was happening with my body. I experienced many trips to the doctors, accompanied by many tests with no answers. The only option I was given by every doctor was to put me on pills and to blame anxiety. I was at my lowest point until I randomly messaged Patricia one day on Facebook. I had been following her for some time and thought maybe she could help me. We set an appointment to meet up the following week. I was going to cancel because I remember that exact day I was up all night from a severe migraine, so nauseous and dizzy I couldn't get up. Patricia offered to drive to my house and have our session there. This moment shifted everything with a sense of saving my life and opening my eyes to so much in the world that no doctor has ever given me.

What you eat has everything to do with how you feel. Patricia gave me a plan of what to eat, what to cut out and what to look forward to. She gave me hope! I remember writing in my journal that day and thinking that maybe this would be the day I would get answers.

Almost two years later and I have healed migraines, anxiety, vertigo and so much more. I am still healing every day and have a long way to go, but I cannot thank Patricia enough for her constant encouragement and understanding and patience when I would ask 1000 questions along the way.  

- Nichole, Detroit, MI

I have been a vegan for 10 years and have been having health issues

(mostly autoimmune )-I’ve done the research, seen doctors, both western medicine and integrative and all of the info out there can be overwhelming and contradicting at times. I joined Patricia’s 31-day challenge for the month of January '20 and it was the decision ever! Patricia made everything so simple and I learned so much about eating plant-based vs vegan. Added bonus, I lost 14 lbs before the challenge was even over and learned how to listen to what my body needs.  
I will be forever grateful to Patricia for sharing her wealth of knowledge in such a loving way! 

Judy - Royal Oak, MI